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The 13 Best Colored Pencils

The 13 Best Colored Pencils

January 21, 2022

Artists who prefer drawing with colored pencils will enjoy this post, which spots multiple sets of high-quality tools from the leading brands. Discover the best colored pencils that have got top ratings from consumers and feature multiple good reviews on art forums. In addition, you’ll learn a lot of interesting facts about these media that you can share with your friends. Entry-level artists will learn a couple of secrets of how to buy good sets and the ways of their correct use.


0:20 Faber-Castell Polychromos: Best for Artists

1:51 Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils with Thick and Soft Cores

2:48 Crayola Colored Pencils Multi-Pack: Ideal for Classrooms

3:34 Faber-Castell Creative Studio Goldfaber

4:17 Best for Fashion Design: Prismacolor Premier

5:04 Castle Art Supplies: Cool for Coloring Books

6:04 Derwent Inktense: Good Watercolor Pencils

7:07 Prismacolor Premier Portrait Colored Pencils

7:57 Crayola Erasable: Recommended for Kids

8:47 Best Set for Blending: Derwent ColourSoft

10:05 Sargent Art Premium: Good for Illustrations

10:58 Marco Renoir Oil-Based: Best for Sketching

12:08 Best for Adult Beginners: Prang Pencils

12:53 FAQs

13:21 What to Consider When Buying Colored Pencils?

13:49 Can You Combine Colored and Watercolor Pencils?

14:09 What Lead in Colored Pencil Should You Choose: Soft or Hard?

14:25 How Many Colors in the Set Will You Need?

14:57 Can You Use Colored Pencils on Canvas?

15:12 Interesting Facts About Colored Pencils

16:00 Conclusion

Best Alcohol Based Markers Brands

Best Alcohol Based Markers Brands

January 21, 2022

This review describes the best alcohol-based markers from world-known trusted brands. Take a look at these unique collections. Each set offered by the manufacturers features a marvelous selection of shades and is nicely packaged. Aside from the markers’ description, you’ll discover a lot of helpful information about the media. You’ll learn how to blend, revive, and use them in the correct way. A vivid comparison chart will show you the difference between alcohol and water-based coloring tools, revealing good characteristics of them both.


0:47 Copic Ciao Well-Balanced Markers of Bright Colors (Set C)

1:42 Ohuhu Dual Tips (Brush & Chisel) Art Markers

2:38 ARTEZA© EverBlend: Best Alcohol Markers for Blending

3:35 Caliart Artist Markers: Cool for Making Illustration

4:31 Bianyo Classic Series: Great Set for Beginners

5:30 Shuttle Art Alcohol Based Permanent Markers

6:25 Prismacolor© Premier© Markers: Perfect for Artists

7:22 Sharpie® Twin Tip: Top Permanent Alcohol Markers

8:23 Artify Art Supplies: Nice Set for Designers

9:20 Prismacolor© Premier© Manga Alcohol Markers Set

10:12 MILO Alcohol Based Brush Markers

11:04 Artist’s Loft: Top Skin Tones Alcohol Markers

11:45 Keebor Advanced Markers: Good Set for Gift

12:39 FAQs

12:56 What Are Alcohol Markers?

13:28 How to Use Alcohol Markers?

14:18 How to Blend Alcohol Markers?

14:48 How to Revive Alcohol Based Markers?

15:27 Alcohol Markers vs Water Based Markers

16:21 Where to Buy Alcohol Based Markers?

16:47 Summing Up

Wing Sung 601 Pen Review

Wing Sung 601 Pen Review

December 21, 2021

The Wing Sung 601 is a writing tool created by an Asian manufacturer. In most customer reviews, this Chinese fountain pen is compared with an affordable version of the legendary model released by Parker. Anyway, it is a quality instrument that offers an unsurpassed writing experience and has an awesome appearance. If you feel intrigued, read the post to know the details.


0:41 Main Thing About Wing Sung 601 Pen

01:48 Appearance and Design Features

02:46 Writing Quality

03:42 Filling System of Pen

04:47 Pros and Cons

05:34 In Closing

How to Sharpen Carpenter Pencil

How to Sharpen Carpenter Pencil

December 20, 2021

Carpenter pencils are unique drawing instruments that feature a specific barrel shape and an extremely hard and thick graphite core. The blunt lead may result in wrong markings and cause mistakes that can be quite costly. In this review, you will learn how to sharpen carpenter pencil and discover the best way of doing it correctly. It can be done with a knife or a regular sharpener. This process is explained step by step, while detailed instructions remind readers about safety precautions. 


0:20 Good Ways to Sharpen Carpenter’s Pencil

01:05 Proper Sharpening with Knife

02:40 How to Sharpen This Pencil Using Sharpener?

03:17 Don’t Forget About Safety

03:45 Summing Up

Best Guide: How to Use Different Types of Laminators

Best Guide: How to Use Different Types of Laminators

November 12, 2021

Actually, the post covers 2 topics: how to use a laminating machine that works with pouches and the way of using a roll laminator. The review contains detailed instructions and explains the best methods of managing the machine in its hot and cold modes. The maintenance of such-like appliances is simple even for non-professional users, so don’t be afraid to acquire a device and enjoy its functionality.


0:27 How to Use a Laminator with Pouches?

0:53 Step 1: Find Relevant Pouches

02:24 Step 2: Put Your Paper or Document Inside a Pouch

03:01 Step 3: Turn the Laminator On

03:43 Step 4: Place a Pouch into the Machine and Start Laminating

04:12 Step 5: Trim Laminated Paper

04:34 How to Use a Roll Laminating Machine?

05:01 Step 1: Check Heat Rollers

05:38 Step 2: Install Lamination Rolls

05:58 Step 3: Thread a Film and Close Gap Between Rollers

06:15 Step 4: Turn the Machine On and Laminate Needed Paper

06:53 Summing Up

How to Draw Horns Easy: Step-by-Step Instruction

How to Draw Horns Easy: Step-by-Step Instruction

November 12, 2021

If you are interested in drawing animals, you should learn how to draw horns. The step-by-step guide will help you in mastering this skill by explaining the ways to render ram, goat, and antelope horns on paper. The tutorial describes the process meticulously and reveals all technical details, starting from basic shaping, contouring, texturing, and subsequent contrasting and shading of the elements.


0:56 Essential Supplies for Drawing

01:29 How to Draw Ram Horns?

01:48 Step 1: Draw Basic Shape

02:08 Step 2: Add Core Elements of Horns

02:41 Step 3: Contours of Horns

03:38 Step 4: Don’t Forget About Details

04:20 Step 5: Draw Texture Patterns

04:52 Step 6: Hatching and Contrasting

05:59 How to Draw Goat Horns?

06:18 Step 1: Draw Base Lines of Horns

06:47 Step 2: Outline Horns

07:30 Step 3: Illustrate Right Pattern

08:04 Step 4: Hatches and Contrast

09:05 How to Draw Antelope Horns?

09:20 Step 1: Draw Main Lines of Picture

09:51 Step 2: Lower Part of Spiral Horns

10:10 Step 3: Middle Part

10:24 Step 4: Upper Part of Antelope Horns

10:39 Step 5: Draw Relevant Pattern

11:04 Step 6: Add Hatches and Contrast

12:13 In Closing

Simple Tips on How to Draw Realistic Hood

Simple Tips on How to Draw Realistic Hood

October 27, 2021

This review will come in handy for beginning artists who are learning how to draw a hood that hides a face. The post features step-by-step instructions and helps create a realistic image. Discover secret shading and toning techniques to make the drawing look vivid and read about the required tools. The tutorial is easy to understand and repeat.


0:39 Necessary Tools for Hood Drawing

1:28 Contours of Face

2:00 Drawing Traits

2:21 Inner Lines of Hood

2:38 Outer Lines of Hood

2:57 Illustrating Details

3:14 Hood Toning

3:43 Shading Hidden Face

4:06 Face Toning

4:41 Add Shades in Neck Area

5:00 Sum Up

Great All-in-One Printer from Hewlett-Packard: DeskJet 2622 Review

Great All-in-One Printer from Hewlett-Packard: DeskJet 2622 Review

October 27, 2021

If you don’t want to clutter your house with multiple electronic devices, consider buying compact equipment that combines several devices in one. The HP 2622 printer review describes a multifunctional all-in-one unit able to scan, copy, and print color documents. It offers an opportunity for manual duplex and wireless printing and can be easily controlled via a smartphone or a laptop. The post highlights all the strong and weak points of the appliance and even explains how to solve possible technical problems.


1:02 Features of HP DeskJet 2622 All-in-One Printer

1:35 Design Elements

2:37 Printing and Scanning

3:22 Copy Quality

3:51 Software

4:09 Usability and Durability

5:00 Pros and Cons

5:36 Troubleshooting Tips

6:05 Stores Where You Can Buy HP 2622 Deskjet

6:33 Conclusions

Canon Color imageCLASS MF733Cdw Review

Canon Color imageCLASS MF733Cdw Review

September 17, 2021

The Canon MF733Cdw review portraits a unique device that actually comes with 4 functions. This all-in-one printer also includes the scanner, the copier, and the fax. The product specifications and the characteristics of each particular function are grouped in a separate table for quick and easy use. A special section is devoted to the software of the Сolor imageCLASS. Also, find out the upsides and downsides of the appliance as viewed by other customers.


0:47 Features of Canon Color imageCLASS MF733Cdw All-in-One Printer

1:13 Design Elements

2:15 Printing and Scanning

3:41 Copy and Fax Quality

4:37 Software

4:55 Usability and Durability

5:21 Pros and Cons

6:05 Stores Where You Can Buy Canon Color MF733Cdw

6:36 Conclusions

Best Folders for Presentation, Portfolio or Documents

Best Folders for Presentation, Portfolio or Documents

September 17, 2021

To organize office papers, save your time while searching for some documents, and make your work more productive, you’d better use a convenient organization system that involves file folders. This guide describes the selection of the best folders from various manufacturers. Aside from bringing your documents in order, these items offer a good way to present your portfolio or booklet. For home use, they are great to keep receipts or bills. Learn about different types of files, their materials, and tips about how to handle tabs correctly.


0:37 AmazonBasics File Folder with Fasteners

1:30 Smead Paper Folders with Single-Ply Tab

2:13 Pendaflex® Everyday File Folders

2:58 Blue Summit Supplies Hanging File Folders

3:49 Oxford Two-Pocket Folders in Assorted Colors

4:30 Youngever Heavy Duty Plastic Pocket Folders

5:13 Five Star Folders with Useful Information Inside

6:03 FILE-EZ Two-Pocket Folders Made in the USA

6:55 VICNOVA Expanding File Folders Box with Cover 

7:40 New Generation Pocket Folders for Any Presentation

8:26 Guide for Choosing Best File Folder

11:32 FAQs

11:43 What Is a File Folder?

11:59 What Size Is a File Folder?

12:44 How to Use File Folder Tabs?

13:32 What Are File Folders Made of?

13:46 Where to Buy File Folders?

14:08 Summing Up

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