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How to Draw Realistic Wind: Simple Step-by-Step Guide

How to Draw Realistic Wind: Simple Step-by-Step Guide

August 20, 2021

Do you like to draw pictures that depict nature? If you are a beginning artist, you may require some knowledge about how to draw wind and realistic autumn trees swaying by strong air masses. With this post, you’ll get a step-by-step tutorial and learn simple rules that can help you create a true-to-life image. As a bonus, the review explains what tools you need and what type of pencils should be used for each drawing stage.


0:45 Utensils That Are Really Needed

1:35 Step 1: Draw Ground Line

2:26 Step 2: Blown Trunk of Tree

3:14 Step 3: Add Branches

4:02 Step 4: Depicting Streams of Wind

4:46 Step 5: Illustrate Spinning Autumn Leaves

5:30 Step 6: Stones and Grass Drawing

6:08 Step 7: Shade Your Picture

6:52 Sum Up

Quality Pencil Erasers: Top 10 Products

Quality Pencil Erasers: Top 10 Products

August 20, 2021

This post will be helpful for artists who are still searching for a good erasing tool. You can find here detailed reviews about the first-class erasers from top stationery brands. You’ll discover really cool items designed especially for kids and those that can remove colored drawings. Aside from practical information, the article contains a useful guide, which helps choose the best pencil eraser, and entertaining facts about one of the most demanded art supplies in the world.


0:18 Best for Graphite Pencil: STAEDTLER Mars

2:23 Sargent Art: Best Rubber Eraser

3:21 Pentel Hi-Polymer: High-Quality Eraser

4:42 Paper Mate Arrowhead: Cool for Kids

5:45 Paper Mate White Pearl: Great for School

6:57 Tombow MONO Zero: Good for Sketching

8:10 Faber-Castell Eraser Pencil: Best for Drawing

9:21 Pentel Clic Eraser: Best for Artists

20:23 Tombow MONO Sand: Best for Colored Lead

11:23 Prismacolor Premier: Best Kneaded Eraser

12:22 Guide

14:23 FAQs

14:43 What Is Eraser?

15:02 How Does a Pencil Eraser Work?

15:16 What Are Pencil Erasers Made of?

16:04 How to Use Eraser Correctly?

16:55 Why Do Pencil Erasers Get Hard?

17:11 Cool Facts About Pencil Erasers

17:45 How Eraser Was Invented?

18:04 What Was Used Before Erasers?

18:22 Difference Between Eraser and Rubber

18:58 Are Pencils with Erasers Popular in the USA

19:13 Recycling of Erasers

19:38 Best Way to Erase Colored Pencil

20:00 Conclusion

Top 15 Gel Pens for Coloring

Top 15 Gel Pens for Coloring

July 26, 2021

Gel pens are fantastic media able to provide unusual writing effects like shimmering and glittering. They are helpful in creating unique invitations and cards. Due to fine tips, they can also be used for making notes in books and journals. With this review, you’ll find the best gel pens for coloring from trusted brands. These tools are a good alternative to colored pencils that should be tested by any artist.


0:34 Feela: Great Variety of Colors

1:49 Sakura Gelly Roll® Ice Cream Smooth: Most Vibrant Colors

3:31 Crayola Signature Detailing: Good for Detailed Work

4:42 Shuttle Art Set: Perfect for Starter

5:51 Aen Art: Top Pens with Glitter Gel

6:53 Paper Mate InkJoy: Best with Medium Point

8:01 ColorIt: Premium Ink Gel Pens Set with Travel Case

9:14 Tanmit Gel Pens: Perfect for Smooth Coloring

10:39 Daskid Set: Superbly for Doodle Art

11:49 Reaeon: Longest-Lasting Gel Pens

12:51 Castle Art Supplies 100 Piece Gel Pen Set: Ideal As a Gift

14:05 Lineon: Top Long-Lasting Gel Pens

15:08 Arteza: Perfect Ink Flow

16:13 Buying Guide

18:28 FAQ

18:47 What Are Gel Pens for Coloring?

19:23 Are Gel Pens Great for Coloring?

19:57 How to Use Gel Pens for Coloring?

20:49 Colored Pencils vs Gel Pens: What Is Better for Coloring?

21:26 Are Pilot Frixion Erasable Gel Pens Good for Coloring?

21:52 Interesting Facts

23:04 Conclusions

Reviews of Best Micro-Cut Paper Shredders

Reviews of Best Micro-Cut Paper Shredders

July 23, 2021

Nowadays, paper shredders have become very popular devices for office/home use if you want to protect your personal documents and prevent identity fraud even after these papers are in a trash bin. Micro-cutting appliances offer a high level of security and allow users to be sure that all sensitive documents are completely unreadable. This post reviews the best micro-cut shredders with most of the recommended units able to destroy disks, junk mail, staples, and credit cards.


0:33 Bonsaii 4S30 Shredder for Most Long-Time Work

2:21 Aurora AU820MA Micro-Cut Paper Shredder

3:48 AmazonBasics 12-Sheet Home Paper Shredder

5:01 Royal MC14MX Shredder for Smallest Shreds

6:20 Bonsaii DocShred C560-D High-Security Micro-Cut Shredder

7:39 AmazonBasics 17-Sheet Shredder for Old Credit Cards

8:44 Fellowes 62MC 10-Sheet Shredder with Safety Lock

10:02 Fellowes LX22M Micro-Cut 20 Sheet Paper Shredder

11:26 Bonsaii EverShred Pro 4S16: Paper/CD/Credit Card Shredder

12:52 Bonsaii C149-D 60-Minute Heavy-Duty Shredder

13:52 Aurora AU870MA 8-Sheet Paper/Credit Card Shredder

15:03 Aurora AU1210MA Professional Grade Shredder

16:04 Bonsaii DocShred C156-C with 5.5 Gallon Wastebasket

17:13 FAQ

17:35 What Is a Micro-Cut Paper Shredder?

17:55 Is There a Difference Between Micro-Cut vs Cross-Cut Shredders?

18:25 Where to Buy the Best Micro-Cut Paper Shredders?

18:58 Conclusion

Best STAEDTLER Pencils: Rated Review

Best STAEDTLER Pencils: Rated Review

June 24, 2021

Staedtler is a famous German brand known for manufacturing regular graphite, colored (including watercolor), and mechanical pencils. In this post, you’ll find the best Staedtler pencils from each category that are popular among users. The top representatives offer good application, comfortable use, high blending capacities, and other features that are appreciated by artists around the world. In addition, the review contains tons of useful and interesting information about these writing media.


0:15 Mars Lumograph Black 100B

1:40 Mars Lumograph 100

2:55 Rally Graphite #2

3:58 Norica 132 46

5:08 Wood-Cased Pencil WOPEX

6:38 Norica 132 49

7:36 Silver Series 925 25-05

8:23 Night Blue Series 925 35-05

9:00 Mars 780

9:56 Mechanical Pencil 925 07

10:43 STAEDTLER Pencil Holder 900 25

11:45 Mechanical Pencil 925 09

12:20 Triplus Micro 774

13:05 Triangle Pencil Yellow Body 771

13:56 Ergosoft 157 24 Colors

15:09 Noris Aquarell 144 10 24 Colored Pencils

16:07 Karat Aquarell 125 Set of 24 Colors

16:55 Ergosoft Aquarell 156 24 Watercolor Pencils

18:03 Mars 1270 Assorted 24 Colors

18:41 FAQ

19:03 What Is STAEDTLER Pencil?

19:47 How Long Is STAEDTLER Pencil?

20:23 How to Read STAEDTLER Pencil Grades?

20:42 How to Use STAEDTLER Pencil?

21:08 How to Refill STAEDTLER Mechanical Pencil?

21:25 Are STAEDTLER Colored Pencils Lightfast? 

21:53 What Are Types of STAEDTLER Colored Pencils?

22:26 STAEDTLER Colored Pencils Vs Other Brands

23:12 Cool Facts About STAEDTLER Pencils

23:30 Who Invented STAEDTLER Pencil?

24:02 How Does STAEDTLER Make Its Pencils?

24:26 STAEDTLER Is Environmentally Friendly

24:44 Europe’s Largest Manufacturer of Wood-Cased Pencils

25:02 Summarizing the Above

Fellowes Laminators: Top 10 Models

Fellowes Laminators: Top 10 Models

June 24, 2021

Fellowes is a famous brand with a legacy, and its laminators have stood the test of time. The review comes with a list of the best machines packed with the functions frequently demanded by users who buy these appliances for home and office use. The models of the Fellowes laminators have been chosen taking into account the balance of their working speed, capacity, and price. In a separate section, you’ll discover how to use these devices correctly to ensure their longevity, which pouches are suitable, and what alarming beeping sounds mean.


0:37 Fellowes Jupiter 2 125

1:37 Fellowes Saturn 3i 125

2:32 Fellowes Neptune 3 125

3:28 Fellowes Callisto 95

4:21 Fellowes M5-95

5:09 Fellowes Voyager 125 

6:04 Fellowes Spectra 95

6:44 Fellowes Venus 2 125

7:28 Fellowes Cosmic 2 95

8:22 Fellowes Mars 95

9:16 Laminators Comparison: Fellowes Vs Scotch

9:43 FAQ

9:58 How to Use Fellowes Laminator Correctly?

11:00 What Brand Laminating Pouches Work in These Laminators?

11:45 Why Is My Fellowes Laminator Beeping?

12:17 Where to Buy Laminator by Fellowes?

12:44 Conclusion

Huepar Laser Levels with Green Beam Line

Huepar Laser Levels with Green Beam Line

May 19, 2021

In construction and household decoration, straight horizontal and vertical lines have always been of primary importance. This task has become easier with modern laser levels, especially due to top-quality gadgets manufactured by Huepar. The most popular models of the brand are described in the review The self-leveling 360° devices with a distinctive green beam are real helpers that show high accuracy, precise performance, and longevity.


0:23 Best Huepar Self-Leveling Laser Levels

0:38 Huepar 901CG Self-Leveling Laser Level

2:00 Huepar 902CG 360-Degree Cross Line Laser

3:07 Huepar 621CG Laser Level

4:07 Huepar GF360G 3D Green Beam Laser

5:00 FAQ

5:15 Where Are Huepar Levels Made?

5:42 How to Use Line Laser by Huepar?

6:13 What Grade Rod to Use with Huepar Level?

6:33 Where to Buy Huepar Laser?

6:46 Overall Impressions

How to Sharpen Pencil Without Sharpener or Knife

How to Sharpen Pencil Without Sharpener or Knife

May 19, 2021

It may seem difficult to sharpen a pencil without a sharpener or knife, especially when your wooden writing instrument suddenly becomes blunt or broken. The post gives some tips on how to make your pencils sharp using improvised means at hand. Did you know that sandpaper, scissors, nail files, and even your teeth can help? Discover other alternatives that can be employed to solve the problem.


0:23 Sharpening Without Sharpener or Knife

0:51 Pencil Sharpening and Rough Surface

1:32 Just Use Something Really Sharp

2:43 Smooth Surface Is a Good Idea

3:03 If You Don’t Have Anything…

3:38 Summary of Article

Review of Hybrid (Watercolor & Gouache) Paint from ShinHan Art

Review of Hybrid (Watercolor & Gouache) Paint from ShinHan Art

April 21, 2021

The Shinhan watercolor review is for artists who are partial to aquarelle effects. The Korean brand is recommended for professionals, but due to its affordable cost, it can be used by any art enthusiast. The medium is a watercolor and gouache hybrid that has advantages over regular paints. It comes in plastic tubes in 48-piece sets with a fantastic selection of shades that allow artists to create gorgeous color transitions. 


0:27 Main Thing About Shinhan Professional Watercolor Paint

1:10 Appearance and Design Features

2:17 Set Sizes

2:54 Painting Quality and Uses

4:48 Pros and Cons

5:33 In Closing

Best Markers Color Palette - Copic Sketch 72 (Set A)

Best Markers Color Palette - Copic Sketch 72 (Set A)

April 21, 2021

Copic Sketch markers 72 Set A is a popular choice among artists. This pack of alcohol-based coloring tools from the Japanese brand Too Corporation comes with an incredible selection of colors and offers an unforgettable drawing experience. It allows users to get fantastic results using various shading and blending techniques. Every piece can be refilled, and this makes them everlasting media. Though they come with a slightly higher price tag than regular markers, they are worth every penny due to multiple outstanding characteristics. Read the post to know the details.


0:33 Main Thing About Copic Sketch Markers 72 Set A

1:12 Appearance and Design Features

2:33 Drawing Quality

3:39 Refill System of Markers

4:36 Pros and Cons

5:32 In Closing

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